Wednesday, July 21, 2010

YESTERDAY: The phone rang at around 05.50 and the answerphone took the call, and then the phone rang again. It was our daughter, Natalie, pregnant and about to bear her 5th daughter of an impending 6 children, we had agreed to babysit the others whilst she went with husband, Neil, to shuck the baby bean. Mrs. B and I were there and they were off to the hospital by 07.15.
The other grandchildren on her side range from 14 down to 3, and we had a fun day with laughter, and a few tears as the long day wore on, when the younger ones became tired.
The fish and chip shop did well out of us, as you can imagine.
Keira Emily was born at around 15.30, mother and child doing well.
Madcap, fun, and used in just about every car programme known to mankind, here is Yello's 'The Race.'