Friday, July 16, 2010

'Electric Ladyland': Yesterday's post made me think of this great Jimi Hendrix album sleeve-
When it was released, it was available in this magnifcent piece of artwork, or, as two single albums with band photos, if you were a bit of a prude.
Released in 1968, when things were a lot different, especially the value of money, the models were brought in to do the shot, topless, for £50 each. The photographer, quite rightly, and if you can imagine it, he was right, thought the photo would look naff with the women wearing knickers. So, he decided to go the whole hog, and offered them another £20 each to do it in the buff. £50 then was like about two grand in today's money, so an extra £20 was a big enough incentive to get naked.
Woudn't it be great to get the same ladies back to do the shoot again now, whilst they're in their 60's. A bit like 'Calender Girls' revisited, in the pop tradition.