Thursday, July 08, 2010

In Loving Memory: Like me, you have seen the numerous roadside bunches of flowers, crosses, and other paraphernalia left by relations at the scene of an accident where someone was killed.
Generally, I think we notice them, register the what and the why, and then think little more of it.
But this 'In Loving Memory' documentary last evening went much deeper, to places I hadn't even thought about.
It seems that setting the body to rest in a cemetery grave is not good enough any more. Families like to, in such roadside instances as these, have a memorial at the exact spot where their loved one actually breathed their final breath.
Whilst this can be construed as being rather odd, as it has only started happenning over the past 15 or 20 years, some of the councils around the UK are not happy. They regard the sometimes dead and dying flowers as roadside litter, and much to the disappointment of the relatives, have removed the memorial. Other councils, though, had offered the relations the opportunity of paving a small area close by, and having a bench seat there. This had been most welcomed by the family concerned, and they, along with friends of the deceased, had roadside vigils to celebrate the deceased person's Birthday, and the also the anniversary of their untimely death.
But nevertheless something different to watch and to think about.