Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Spent Last Evening: in the company of long-time friend, Terry Best. We played flick-cards together in the playground at school, and a year older than me, I replaced him at Poole Park Nursery as their junior gardener of 1967, when he moved up a step to being a grade 3 gardener. Some of our escapades working there are included in the 'When Upton Had Trains' book, and by way of our mutual love of blues and rock music in general, we kept in contact off-and-on over the years by meeting up at gigs here and there.
But we hadn't had a get-together for far too long, and the 3 hours in his company last evening was enjoyable, as we still have a great deal in common.

Presumably 'When The Clouds Have Passed' is doing OK? Our eldest 2 granddaughters and 2 of their school friends letterboxed almost 500 flyers around here on Saturday, so only time will tell if they created a click-to-buy on Amazon, or went into the recycling bin.
If anyone reading this does a click-to-buy for it, I would welcome a review on Amazon, please. A couple of sentences or even a paragraph will be knockout, thank you.