Sunday, June 27, 2010

You Never Know: who's watching and following you, especially with the Internet and all it can display about our lives. When Sarmad gave me the website, it's either one of those things you shun or embrace; and with nothing to hide, I embraced the idea. There's lots of stuff on there, as most of you know, and Sarmad did it as an offshoot with my name on it, so it has just moved on from there.
Surprisingly, but not unsurprisingly, an old school friend, Richard (now Rick) Anstey, who lived just down the road from me here in Upton; made contact today. He's living with his family in Australia, so that was a nice thing to happen (without Facebook, too!) We have promised to meet up when he's over here again, and we will, cos I'm like that.

Enjoyed the Saxon Movie DVD, and saw a lot of friends and fellow MHB's names on the massive list at the end of it. The first disc, and the first chapter of the second disc, suffered from the sound being out of sync. Is anyone elses like this? Please let me know, Saxon should be mde aware, and exchange the dodgy ones for a decent copy.