Wednesday, June 23, 2010

'Can You Dig It' - The Mock Turtles: The last of the three songs
and they all have that Nirvana opening riff, and that is their connection. Mind you, Boston were first with it, and even when Kurt Cobain brought 'Teen Spirit' to Nirvana, the rest of the band told him it was 'pinched' from 'More Than A Feeling' and they would never get away with it.
And it's there in 'Can You Dig It' too.
This is a great song, used on a Vodophone TV advert at some point, and was as such a joyous delight amidst the sea of mind-numbing dross, that it was hit all over again.

And this is 'Hero' by David Crosby with Phil Collins, for Barb, as it might create a 'tingle.' And whilst you're listening, notice the Phil Collins' version on the right of the screen.