Saturday, June 26, 2010

Well, I Woke Up This Morning: with a migrane as well as Mrs. B. The migrane's seem to be caused by this Warfarin that I am now obliged to take, and certain foodstuffs don't like it, or it doesn't like them; I'm not sure which?
All week there was not a problem. To try and avoid the migranes in the future, I look for what I ate the day before. For dinner last evening I had chicken chow mein, from my usual takeaway. As onion is a no-no with Warfarin, I took out any hiding in the noodles. Everything else I ate was the same as every other day last week, except last Friday, when again I enjoyed a chicken chow mein, and had a migrane on Saturday. Warfarin doesn't like seafood, so are we now down so damned finitely that it disagrees with the oyster sauce they put in every Chinese meal?
But hey, not to worry, it's my boat to row.
Finally, the very, very, very, long-awaited Saxon DVD set, which includes a pretty fair shake of Motorhead footage by way of interview from the 2008 tour, I believe; arrived today. The running time is 6 hours, which is great value for money, and I am pleased it's here, after waiting for a ridiculous amount of holds-ups, Biff apologizing profusely, etc. With some footage from St George's Day 2010, I think that was the reason for the final hold-up; they wanted to sneak that in.
If you're thinking of getting acopy, better get one soon, as I believe the inital run is a limited edition, with loads more footage than the later release. Find it on Saxon's website.