Saturday, July 17, 2010

Strange Collection Of Books: Mentioned these last week, and they are rather odd -
Published in America by Books LLC in Memphs, Tennessee; if you Search 'Motorhead' and / or 'Hawkwind' in Amazon 'Books' you will find those relating to Lemmy and / or Motorhead / Hawkwind.
Now, everyone has the freedom of choice to do as they wish, but these books are no more than various items from Wikipedia, collected together under one umbrella of semi-related topics, usually making a book of around 68 or so pages. So, you have the choice of buying them or not. There are no photos and the covers are all a flat beige colour.
When I approached them asking if they sought permission to produce the books, the simply replied that as the pages are from Wiki, which is a public domain, they can print them in book form if they want to.
That's fair comment, and by all means, buy them if you so wish; or, save your money and just look at the pages on Wiki for free.