Thursday, August 05, 2010

Black Leather Jacket: Not only for the fact that Mick Farren wrote an excellent book on the history of the Black Leather Jacket, (available on Amazon), but also that I bagged a VHS of the documentary Channel 4 made to complement it, for 99pence on EBay.
At the end of the doc, Lemmy & The Upsetters played a song Lemmy wrote titled 'Black Leather Jacket,' which later appeared on the 'Stone Deaf Forever' 5 CD Box Set; and here is the audio -
For the sake of the TV show, Lemmy & The Upsetters were. Lemmy Kilmister - piano and vocals, Philthy Animal Taylor - drums, Phil Campbell - guitar, Fast Eddie Clarke - bass; and either 2 or 3 session saxophonists, who wore gold lame suits.
A knockout track!