Monday, August 23, 2010

So, Who Ate All The Pies?: Well, me, or so it seems. Before the heart op as a smoker and drinker, 66kgs (10 stone 3) was the norm for years. Weighed for my annual check in March it was 78 kgs (12 stone 2). But I don't eat that much. A snack for breakfast and lunch and a meal for dinner, I couldn't eat less if I tried.
But carrying that extra 12 kgs (almost 2 stone, or 26 pounds) makes a lot of difference, and is the equivalent of 12 bags of sugar, it's no wonder the knees are suffering, I get out of breath, and can't walk as far as before.
And it's more noticeable just back from the hols where the pressure was high, and back here with the rain, it's low, and you feel like a mobile pudding lumbering along with that added weight in millibars bearing down.
Agreed, we had breakfast and evening meal included on holiday, so the 78 kgs might well be 80 or more at the moment. So from someone who could eat anything and it made no difference, to a weight-watcher, it illustrates how the booze and ciggies are an ally.