Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just Back From Tenerife: The difference between the Spanish laid-back lifestyle was inspiring. Roofers working on buildings with no scaffolding, and scant regard for what we in the UK regard as Health & Safety at Work, would petrify many. But they were used to it, it was their 'norm' and if it isn't there, you make sure you don't fall off.
And with but 2 fixed speed cameras on the entire island, one could argue speeding and accident stastics, but none were obvious. Yet the UK is pickled with them, despite 'cut-backs' currently in the news where local councils can no longer afford to use them.
Cigarettes at £1-20 for 20 B&H only reinforced the Spanish ideoligy that if Brit's smoked more we would be less inclined to suffer and / or die from stress. It also appeared as if there are no fines for what we term 'cigarette litter,' but sweeping up the few stray butts there were gave the street cleaner's a job. Yes, we had human street cleaners once, didn't we; but such is progress.
The whole Spanish culture made me wonder why UK natives put up with the now long, and ever increasing list of Orwellian inspired red tape we are forced to suffer. And who passes these Laws? Why were we not given a vote on whether we smoke indoors or not? With 5 pubs a week closing down here, why were breweries and / or landlords given the choice of smoking or non-smoking pubs, allowing freedom of choice? Instead, we were given a blanket ban rather than the good old British tradition of freedom of choice. It would have been an interesting outcome.
Apparently, the Spanish abolished their smoking ban, and although our hotel reception had a no-smoking policy, it wasn't enforced on the balconies even though ash trays were not provided. So, if you go, take your own, or buy one there.
It would also be interesting to exchange governements. I bet the Spanish would chuckle at our now somewhat crazy way of life, and the ever increasing rules, rules, rules.
Yes, it was so noticeable how the UK seem to enjoy dishing out potty, and petty, rules; which to our EEC brother nations are no more than laughable clap-trap. Isn't it about time we put the GREAT back into Great Britain? The road we are travelling is leading to more and more beaurocratic strangulation, so let's stop it no before 1984 actually comes true.