Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It Was Interesting: to see how a hot weather country like Tenerife dealt with their household rubbish and waste disposal.
We saw the dust cart flying along the main high street on their collection run between 10 and 10.30 pm, which put a stop to any animals tearing open bags for food scraps etc. during the night. Not as safety conscious as the UK, the two operatives rode at the back of the cart on a footplate designed for the activity, whilst holding a handle for extra security when taking corners.
Close to our hotel, two fairly large wheelie bins stood at the side of a glass recycling unit, and householders, shopkeepers, and hotelliers alike, filled them with waste throughout the day. Mainly black bags, but tree branches and garden waste was not uncommon; and one day, after their weekly swimming pool tiled area disinfectant scrub to stop varukas and suchlike, our hotel placed two broken sun loungers at the side of the bins. The bin men didn't throw them in the dust cart to be squashed, but next morning, an open-backed truck appeared to take these larger items away, and left the area clean and tidy again.
What the community charge for daily waste disposal is in Tenerife, I don't know, but they have a better way of dealing with it. Large items can be taken away by the council here in the UK, but they charge £15 for doing so, the Spanish government don't appear to be so grabbing and greedy as ours.