Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Baseball Cap Baldies: Ten or fifteen years ago, anyone young with a bald head would be viewed with some degree of pity, as it would be assumed they were undergoing chemotherapy. And then David Beckham shaved his head, and baldness became fashion, and despite my father thinking they looked like Nazi's, the person looked younger by shaving it all off. Thankfully, the intimidating appearance has been diluted with time and familiarity, and the condition has settled as being the norm.
But it is so noticeable how baldness is rife in the 35 and under age group, and seems to have developed from the first baseball cap generation onwards, for which trend and fashion is to blame. Pulled down tight on the pate, stretching the scalp, the heat builds up, light is eradicated, just like putting black plastic down to kill a lawn, and the effect is the same.
My family has never suffered , yet Mrs. B insists my follicles are thinning on top, a condition caused by one of the numerous medications I take, but have now stopped as it wasn't having the required effect - other than proving her right.
Finger's crossed, they will now return in abundance.