Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The House Of Cards Fell: Not that I was holding out any hope for success with the American literary agency mentioned last week, but it has just gone tits. Keen to follow it until asked for the dreaded moolah, they did so today; $70 - $90 or a critique.
£35 - £45 isn't the end of the world, but to spend it on a report by some clever-dick who thinks he can write better than you, (if that's the case, why isn't HE a published author, and if he is, why is he wasting time writing critiques when he should be writing HIS next story?), would be too annoying for words.
But the emails were fun, extremely long, and very American.
They say the copy of the (electronic) manuscript (sent as an attachment) will be deleted - or will it end up re-written using the same ideas on a bookshelves across America under another authors' name in 6 months time? That's the risk I took.