Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bloatermog Vanish TV Ad's: The housewife is having a problem, either with a stain on her laundry or carpet, and suddenly this woman in a pink 'Vanish' t-shirt appears to tell her about the product.
Why doesn't the housewife ask "Where the flick did you come from?" Or "get the flick out of my kitchen / lounge!"
There must be a great send-up of this advert for one of the UK's commedians just waiting to be filmed!

Worrying: It seems SPV Records have gone into liquidation!
Thanks to Eric Billett for finding this.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Motorblog Two New Tour Dates:-
November 8th - The Olympia, Dublin.
November 9th - Ulster Hall, Belfast.

Been quiet here over the past few days and use was minimal for email due to a bug in the system, which was cleaned out over the weekend.

The Troggs / Move tour fell apart the day after the Salisbury gig with promoter problems and the tour was cancelled; we were lucky to get that gig in!
Really enjoyed The Move whom we hadn't seen live since the 1960's, Trevor Burton is still the arrogant rebel / loveable rogue he always was and great to see he hadn't lost his edge!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bloatermog 'Back In Time Tour' - The Troggs / The Move / Love Affair - Salisbury City Hall - 17th May 2009: It was one of those 1960's tours doing the rounds just now, and committed Troggs fans as my school pal, Eric Billett and I have been since 1966, we decided to go. The Move were no strangers to us, either, having been to some of their 'hey-day' gigs with the original line-up in Bournemouth when we were but young lads of 15 or 16.
The Love Affair had quite a few hits, too, but without original vocalist, Steve Ellis, they were good but not great.
The Move, even at the outset of their career, liberally sprinkled their 'Night Of Fear' / 'I Can Hear The Grass Grow' original songs with rock 'n' roll covers like Eddie Cochran's 'C'mon Everybody,' and this has never changed even to this gig. With a packed venue rocking to original Move member's, drummer, Bev Bevan, and guitarist, Trevor Burton; they even became "quite loud" at one point; as one of the people behind us mentioned. By Motorhead standards, however, it was like a damp squib in a telephone box; but I doubt they had even heard of Motorhead, never mind experienced one of their gigs.
But we didn't go for the volume this time. The Move were great, and began their set with a recording of Radio 1 on the day it started, with Tony Blackburn introducing their 'Flowers In The Rain' song; which they played as their first number.
The Troggs didn't disappoint, either; and Eric and I have been to see them many time over the years, but they'd changed their set to cover a great many of the songs on their 1st 'From Nowhere The Troggs' album; and it was great to hear those classic tracks again played live. Still with original member's, vocalist Reg Presley and guitarist, Chris Britton; The Troggs had everyone on their feet for their last few numbers.
(We first 'met' The Troggs on a school outing to Cheddar Caves on May 22nd 1966, when the band were having their 'From Nowhere The Troggs' album cover photo shoot; so it was 43 years to the week, if not the day later we saw them at this gig).

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Motorblog New Summer & November Tour Dates: Not yet on but MHB's have let me know they have seen these Motorhead gigs advertised:-
August 8th - The Bulldog Bash, Shakespeare County Raceway, Stratford -Upon- Avon, England.
November 8th - The Olympia, Dublin, Ireland.
November 9th - The Ulster Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Motorblog The 'Motorhead' LP: has just been re-mastered and re-released by Devil's jukebox Records as a Limited Edition of 666 copies on clear vinyl in a Silver sleeve - Fabulous!

Devil's Jukebox has also re-mastered the same 'Motorhead' LP in a Limited Edition of 666 copies on Purple vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, with a bonus 12" of the City Kids / Beer Drinkers / On Parole / I'm Your Witchdoctor / Instro tracks - a 3-sided double LP!

The re-mastering has made quite some difference, too, not that many MHB's will ever open the shrinkwrap and play these LP's, of course!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Motorblog Motorhead: Have added an extra Festival date for August 2nd:- The Global East Rock Festival, Kylv, Ukraine.

There's a 'Guess Alan's Top 5 Motorhead Tracks' thing going on the Message Board. It's just for fun and has a prize to the person who gets closest.