Monday, March 30, 2009

Motorblog Motorhead Summer Festivals Update:
July 22nd - Voix du Gaou Festival, Six-Foursles Plages, France.
July 25th - Mazury Airport Szymany-Szczytno-Hunterfest, Poland.

The April Edition of our Motorheadbangers World fanzine went in the post box before 7am this morning, and should be with most MHB's by the end of the week.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bloatermog The Lost Cream Gig: Here in Bournemouth we now have The Bourne Beat Bar which has a fabulous display of artefacts relating to the ever-vibrant Bournemouth beat and rock scene from the early 1950's to the present day. Posters, photographs, concert tickets, programmes and musical instruments bedeck the walls, and there's also a 'Beatles In Bournemouth' lounge filled with photos from the times they spent in and around the town.
That's all well and good, and we are extremely proud of it and owner, Dave Robinson, has created an amazing 'museum' for interested people to go and have a quiet drink whilst marvelling at this wonderful expanse of our local rock heritage.
But Cream played a gig at Bournemouth's Pavilion in August 1966, a very early show in their carreer for which it seems they earned £45, and it has escaped Chris Welch's numerous Cream books and even the listings of 'all' of their gigs which appeared in their Albert Hall dates programme in 2005.
There are loads of local rock fans who went to the gig and watched them play, along with a couple of the venue's DJ's who remember it well, but there doesn't seem to be any proof by way of a ticket stub, local newspaper advertisement or concert poster to nail down the exact date of this errant 1966 concert.
Can anyone out there supply this info, please?

Also relating to Cream, there's a great 'coffee table' style 12" x 12" book titled 'Cream - The Lost Scottish Tour' which I found on Amazon. The front cover doesn't immediately make it obvious it's Cream as it's a time-lapse photo of Ginger Baker drumming, which is probably why I was the first person to review it. A splendid book well worth investing in if you're a fan of the band and their music.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Bloatermog A Picture Frame: Buying a suitable frame for photos has never been a strong point, but this weekend it will happen. An EBay seller has an A3 'reproduction' poster of a gig by The Who at Bournemough Pavilion on April 2nd 1969, which I attended as an 18 year old. The poster arrived yesterday in pristine condition and, although quite plain in its design with no photo of the band, it is rather a nice piece of memorabilia from my now rather long-ago youth.
It was found by complete accident within a search for 'Bournemouth' in the 'Music' category, and at £5-50 was, in my opinion, as much an absolute 'must' to buy as it was an absolute snip at the price. It may well be a con-job created on photoshop, but to all intents and purposes IS a repro of the original.
It was quite some gig, too, The Who's supposed first in Bournemouth - Searches only find one other in August of the same year and at the same venue when they played 'Tommy' in its entirety; but 3 in total are catalogued in my memory bank - and my position stage-front to watch Pete Townshend was rewarding, but alas, not with a fragment of a smashed guitar. But he almost did smash it, and only for the fact he squatted down to turn his amps up, - he tended to beat the daylights out of the speaker cabinets rather than the amp, and had it sitting on the floor of the stage rather than on top of the cabinets - stepped on the guitar lead, which became pulled from the jack socket when he stood up. His amps went dead, and Pete just tossed the guitar over the back of the speaker cab's and walked off in disgust.
Nevertheless leaving the gig thoroughly exhilarated from the show itself, yet with a slight tinge of disappointment at not witnessing a 'Live Guitar Smashing;' many years later, a work colleague spoke about his brother grabbing a complete guitar neck from the stage at a gig The Who played at Yeovil Town Hall in the early 1960's, which he "eventually threw away as he was fed up with seeing it laying in the corner of his bedroom!"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Motorblog Motorhead: have been confirmed for the Guilfest, Stoke Park, Guilford UK on Friday 10th July 2009.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Motorblog Four More Summer Fest Dates: have been added to the full listing posted on January 28th.
April 15th - Fortaleza Arena, Fortaleza, Brazil.
July 15th - Ippodromo Capanelle, Rockinrome,, Rome, Italy.
July 16th - Fortezza Da Basso, Florence, Rome, Italy.
July 17th - Piazzale Vill Contarini, Padova, Italy.

*Thanks to Stefano for the Italian dates.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Motorblog Past Motorhead Tour buddies: Nashville Pussy, are out on a rather hectic tour - see the itinerary on and they're playing dates in Spain and France from March 26th onwards, with some UK dates from April 11th to the 24th. After watching their 'Live In Hollywood' DVD, they look like a great band to go and see.
Their latest album, which they're touring, is titled 'From Hell To Texas' and they're being billed as 'America's Answer To Motorhead!' Their music is fast with no let-up, and Motorhead have always had good things to say about them, so catch one of their gigs if you can.