Friday, November 07, 2008

Motorblog UK Tour Going Great!: Not had many reports yet, but initially 'Iron Fist' is once again the opener in place of 'Doctor Rock,' and 'Rock Out' and 'The Thousand Names Of God' are the featured tracks from 'Motorizer.'

Another Book: Presumably these 'Community Magazines' are doing the rounds where you live? They sell advertising space for local businesses, and from the revenue collected, print a magazine which is Free from selected local shops and businesses, or pushed through letterbox's.
The first one around here was The Lytchett Bay Post, (see main website), and I offered to write some stuff for it 'just for fun.' Did a few 'witty' poems and some 3 or 4 minute reading duration short essays about life here in Upton from the mid-1950's to the mid-1960's. A few have been published in TLBP, but I sent the whole lot to a 'Local Interest' publisher, who accepted it, along with some old local photos for illustration, and it's being published under the title of 'When Upton Had Trains.'
So, on November 28th the first 'Book Launch' takes place at our Community Centre, and then another at The Upton Library on December 3rd.
Sarmad will be placing more info about it on the main website when it's published and available, although it will be of most interest to the 8,000+ souls who live here than anyone else, there are a few MHB's who like to collect the books I've written, and this will be their opportunity to get hold of this one.

Gutted: Another cat came our way after 'Pickles' was put to rest back in April; his name is Charlie, he's 2 year's old and was owned by son Steve's partner, Sabrina. But with 9 month old granddaughter, Amy, it was decided Charlie, being a Tom, was a bit too bitey-scratchy to be around such a young tot. So, we agreed Steve could bring Charlie here to live, and he did, and we were just getting used to one another when, just yesterday, he went out into the garden...only to disappear!
Notes have been slipped through neighbour's letterbox's asking them to check outbuildings etc, but the general consensus of opinion is that Charlie took it into his head to find his way back to Sabrina's house, his previous home.
Charlie had everything here, food, drink, a warm home, one person very fond of him and two more who were becoming big fans of his rather quickly, and we feel so gutted that he's taken his life into his hands to, presumably, find his way back 'home'? Some say he might make it back there (6 miles) in about 6 months, others that he will never be seen again. The local vet and RSPCA have been given Charlie's details in the hope someone might find him and 'hand him in,' and we hope so, as we miss him a great deal already.