Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Motorblog Recording the 'Write On' Radio Show: Pre-recorded earlier today for broadcast next Tuesday evening between 7 and 8pm on (Sarmad has also kindly flagged this event on the Main Page), we almost didn't make it on time. Poole to Southampton was fine. Then, a change of line and platform. The LCD display told us the train standing there was for Bristol, and our train, to Portsmouth, was due like NOW - so "where is it?" my wife, Jane, asked, "there's not enough time for this one to leave, and another to arrive!"
The Guard was standing there waiting at an open carriage doorway. "Is this one for Portsmouth or Bristol?" I asked.
"Portsmouth!" came the reply.
"Woops! Better get on it, then!"
Jane, quite deservedly, had a very smug expression on her face, but for her observation and logic, this tighter-than-tight schedule would have been ruined and the interview lost for the simple reason the LCD dispay hadn't changed fast enough!
A young lady standing to our right also trotted on. "I thought it was the Bristol train, too!" she grumbled.
But we arrived on time thanks to Jane's observation, and met programme interviewer, Rob Richardson, at the prescribed place at 11am.
Smashing chap he is, as well, and Jane went off to look at the shops whilst Rob hurried me through the crowds of Pompey locals and students, firstly to get a cup of tea, then quickly on to the recording studio. We had to be in, do the job and out again by 12.30pm
There, we met with producer / engineer, Simon, and after the hand shake and some casual banter, we were sitting down and ready to go.
The Motorhead tracks for the show were already lined up ready and waiting, so despite my taking some 'writing and story themed' tracks on CD, they will have to wait for another time.
It took just under an hour, with no time for re-takes, and was recorded just as you will hear it on Tuesday.
My thanks to Jane for her company, Rob and Simon for inviting me, and I hope you tune in and enjoy the show.