Monday, September 15, 2008

Bloatermog The British Mentality: Our News programmes have been smitten for the past 18 months or so with schoolkids being stabbed and the resulting gang-culture. Those same News programmes, the Governement and our Police Force seems to be a at a complete loss as to how and why knife and gang culture has become rife in the UK?
Well, as they appear to be too thick to notice, there are a series of TV programmes, (and a book or two), titled 'Ross Kemp On Gangs,' and (ex-'Eastender's' soap-opera and bald-headed hard-man) Kemp travels the world filming and subsequently broadcasting the Gang, Gun and Knife culture of these 3rd World countries where life is cheap, so every kid in the UK can study it, distill it, and use it to make their own boring lives exciting.
They're Minor's and can't be jailed, and the 'life is cheap' message in Kemp's programmes gives the impression if they stab and kill a fellow student it doesn't matter.
The thing is, Kemp has won Awards for these films, where in reality they should not be made in the first instance, never mind broadcast.

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