Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Bloatermog Unable To Listen To: 'Write On' this evening. We have a 'Beat music themed bar' opening in neighbouring Bournemouth at some point, and owner, Dave Robinson, asked me to get a crowd of friends together to go along and spend an evening there. We did so. The photos, posters and memorablia are amazing and everyone was enthralled and enjoyed it, and there is so much, it will definitely need a few more visits to take everything in. The Beatles section alone is breathtaking, as they played a weeks' residancy at The Gaumont in the early '60's, and Dave has found plenty of photo's taken during the time, and of course, John and Yoko were frequent visitor's to John's Aunt Mimi, who lived in nearby Sandbanks.
The bar covers just about every band who played the town over the years, not just the early rock 'n' roll / beat bands and artistes. More info about it when it opens, yet for the Beat / Rock music enthusiast on holiday in the area it would be a great place to stay as the bar is part of The Bournebeat Hotel.