Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Motorblog Loads Of Fabulous Motorhead Vinyl: Click on and scroll down a little until you see the Ace Of Spades album cover, then click it. Amongst the listings you will see Double and Triple-Vinyl / Different Coloured Album Box Sets in Special Sleeves for:
Bomber, Overkill, Ace Of Spades, Iron Fist, BBC Live & In Session (black vinyl only) and Orgasmatron. They look amazing, cost £24-99 each and are available from September 22nd but can be pre-ordered now; and are the vinyl equivalent of the Sanctuary Records 'Expanded' CD sets and have the same or similar track listings.
MHB 2715 The Iron Lady -
Thought it would be good to share these clips from the photoshoot for The Metal Masters Tour:-