Sunday, August 03, 2008

Bloatermog Am I Becoming Too Sensitive?: TV adverts. Hate them. They are repeated to the point of boredom, or, in my case, thumbing the 'Mute' button as their repitition has driven me to the edge. Those about abused children are the worst, no, children should not be abused in any way, but either the Charity gets the ads for free or they have far too much money; they are on far too often!
But have you noticed the feminine ads are on the increase (here in the UK)?
Pads for 'little leaks.'
Ads for 'thrush' cream because they're "itching down there!" Like we wanna know?
An ad telling us how they have developed this amazing tampon shape. Again, like we wanna know about the menstrual cycle when we're eating our evening meal, or any other time? Do they have no taste relating what is being advertised and the time of day it's on-screen?
Ads with women who have "a bloated feeling" - blokes don't worry about this, a couple pints of Guinness sorts things out in no time!
But women are far more delicate than us blokes, aren't they, yes, they are; but we don't need to have ads on TV day and night about fanny leaks and itches, tampons, and that they are 'bunged up,' BLOKES JUST GET ON WITH IT, THEY DON'T NEED ADVERTS TELLING THEM HOW TO GET THEIR BODILY FUNCTIONS - OR NON-FUNCTIONS - MOVING, WE JUST SORT IT LIKE WE ALWAYS HAVE!