Sunday, July 27, 2008

Motorblog Fanzine 83: Went in the mailbox early AM today. It will not have travelled far but Monday AM should see it on its way to your doormat.

The Hamsters at Mr Kyps on Friday were knockout, they play Jimi Hendrix just like Jimi Hendrix, not in quite the same laid-back fashion as The Man, but close your eyes and he's there in front of you. They do a 'Hamster-Head' T-shirt, which is a mixture of the Motorhead War-Pig and (of course) a Hamster's head - quite fun.

The Petulant Labrador: Looking after him for a short time for our daughter. They say they're a man's best freind, but I'm not so sure. He's great with daughter's kids, can't fault him there, and there's not a stitch of aggression in him, but he's moody, rude, ignorant and often like a spoiled child. He tried the laying on the sofa / our bed routine, I pointed to the floor and told him "No!" He ignored me for 3 days and I'm still not on his Christmas Card list. He has a problem with his right knee, so when my wife plays ball with him he usually ends up limping. To help the problem she didn't play ball for 2 days, so he ignored both of us. Used to cats, as we were, who dig a hole and hide their waste, when he dumps it's more like a mini-roundabout appearing in the garden; and they say cat s**t smells? Dogs' makes your eyes water!