Thursday, July 03, 2008

Motorblog Kim's Girlschool Guitar! Your Very Best Offers, Please! Kim McAuliffe of Girlschool is putting her 1981 ESP guitar up for Auction to the Highest Bidder. Used both live and on the Girls' albums for 20 years, it is fully autographed by the member's of both Girlschool and Motorhead. Kim is Auctioning the guitar for the proceeds to go towards her local Air Ambulance and / or kitting out a kid's playground with some decent gear for them to play on or with; both very worthwhile causes. So, don't be tight, MAKE YOUR BEST OFFER - for more info click
And remember, guitars aren't cheap, and there's not another one autographed by Girlschool AND Motorhead; this is a VERY exclusive auction item so BIDS SHOULD BE REALISTIC!
Kim is keen to AVOID using EBay as deductions are made and she wants to make as much as possible for her Worthy Causes!
The Auction ends on September 4th, 2008.