Sunday, August 03, 2008

Bloatermog Barry George Released From Jail: Since the day Jill Dando was murdered in 1999 I just had this feeling a hit man murdered her. Not that I am an expert on the matter, but the whole thing seemed to clinical, clean and concise for just some ordinary bloke on the street to have been guilty. The police took just over a year to bring Barry George in for questioning, and even when they did I was screaming at the TV screen "No! You've got the wrong man!
Saying as much in a fictionalised way from the point of view of the hit-man, I wrote 'The Message,' and later, as Mr George was wrongly convicted and excluded from the Internet completely, I re-published the book, (with an extra 20,000 words or so bringing this and other knowledge to bear), as 'A Conspiracy Of Silence,' which at the time, it was, as a Search for the name 'Barry George' brought no results whatsoever.
He was used as a scapegoat on very thin evidence, and now this evidence has been seen to be exactly what it is, he has been released from jail. Now the police have to 'find the real killer,' they won't, hit-men disappear in a small puff of smoke never to be seen again...