Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bloatermog Crumbling Social Structure:
**In response to the Government's proposed indoor smoking ban, due to be enforced on July 1st, 2007, Police were unable to cope with demonstrator's in Trafalgar Square today, whom had rallied in protest against the ruling. An estimated 350,000 smokers invaded the Capital in response to this move in the further destruction of our already crumbling social structure.
'I'm very concerned,' said one protestor, 'I work in the licensing trade, and I'm in fear for my job. We had to make a stand, the Government and anti-smoking campaigner's haven't thought about the repurcussions! Pub's, social and working men's clubs, bingo halls, betting shops; they'll all be closing down! People want to sit down with a pint and a cigarette and have a chat in the pub or club, or have a fag when they're placing a bet or whatever. I know smoking is anti-social, but without it, people will just drink and smoke at home.**

If the first paragraph HAD taken place, the second paragraph wouldn't be happening right now!

Have you noticed the HUGE increase in TV advert's for 'On-Line' Betting and Bingo?

Unprecidented in my lifetime, the Lytchett Minster and Upton Working Men's Club have posted flyers in our letterbox's advising of TWO open evenings, almost BEGGING people to go there for a drink. Before the smoking ban it was a closed shop, if you didn't get two member's to sponsor you, you couldn't get inside the door. With our 'Greenridge' Upton Crossroads pub closed, the working men's should be packed out! None such luck, it seems. People have had enough of standing outside under a lean-to for a cigarette.