Sunday, September 07, 2008

Bloatermog Friend's Of The Earth? No!: Our News programmes keep showing us this guy in a kayak who has paddled closer to the North Pole than ever before due to the Ice Cap melting, which in turn has happened due to Global Warming because of the CO2 we're putting into the ozone.
How much CO2 went into the ozone with the firework display ending the Olympics?
How much CO2 goes into the ozone Monday to Friday now term has started again with parent's taking their kids to school in the car and causing gridlock instead of using the bus provided?
How much CO2 goes into the ozone due to the likes of US not turning the TV / DVD / video / Sky Box / X-Box / Play Station / cooker / washing machine / etcetera etcetera off instead of leaving them on 'Stand By'?
The News media reports the above in equal measure, but nothing ever happens to stop people doing them and thus, in turn, slowing down the other.
Now scientists are getting excited as they believe water existed on Mars, and if so, it may be an ideal planet for us to migrate to - after we've finished wiping our backside's with this one!