Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bloatermog Wheelie Bin Cash Cow: As Blogged quite some time ago now, finally, it is now illegal to leave the wheelie bin on the pavement for too long. And if we do, a £100 instant penalty fine will be imposed, with Court proceedings, a Criminal Record and up to a £5,000 fine of we don't pay within 2 weeks.
Agreed, wheelie bins littering the streets are an eyesore, but isn't this just a little bit too strong? The Fines are far in excess of those imposed for drink-driving, and on a daily basis now, 1984 may have been the wrong year, but George Orwell's prophecy for our future is coming true Big Time.
And Wheelie Bin Warden's (paid from our Taxes!) will patrol the streets after bin emptying day to 'Write Up' anyone whom has not wheeled their's off the street fast enough.
"But what about when I'm on holiday?"
Well, either leave the bin until you return or ask a neighbour to do the deed.
There is also rumour of more fines if we put normal waste into recycling bins, or vice versa; or for having a bin so full the lid is open.
We Pay more than enough already to have these bins emptied via the Community Charge / Council Tax or whatever it's called these days, and they gave us the (bigger) wheelie bins to enable them to be emptied every TWO weeks instead of weekly, (as it was with the old metal dustbins); so it's costing us Twice As Much for having our bins Emptied 26 times a year instead of 52.
And wasteful with food as we are today, thousands of foxes have died of hunger as they are unable to get into wheely bins to scoff our remnants. Oh, what a shame, some might think, and it is, until your kid's rabbit, guinea pig or chicken's are killed off and eaten.
Wouldn't it be great if the Council's were as concerned with fixing our pot-holed roads, getting drunk and stoned under-aged kids off the streets after dark, and had warden's patrolling and fining THEIR parent's for kicking in the bus shelters!
Very soon we will be fined for farting, for fear of the CO2 emissions causing Global Warming!