Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bloatermog Complacency Can Cost You: My brother emailed to say he'd be paying a visit some time this month. We generally go for something to eat in a local pub, and the last time the buggers added drinks on the bill we HADN'T HAD!
Yes, indeed, and I think in these desperate times they might all be up to it, so rather than just taking a cursory glance at the bottom line of your bill and pay it as suavely as James Bond, TAKE A REALLY GOOD LOOK TO ENSURE YOU HAVE IN FACT ENJOYED WHAT YOU ARE BEING BILLED FOR!
Lately, as most of you know, my med's dictate and I can't touch the booze any more. Bruv has always been tea-total, (boring git), so when "Drinks?" were mentioned, I asked for "Two teas!"
So we ate what we had ordered and it was OK, and we drank our cups of tea, and then when the waiter brought the bill I noticed a string of items instead of just 3, and found they had added TWO items for alcohol costing a total of around £7!
"We haven't had any alcohol!" I told him after calling him back, and he went away and adjusted the bill accordingly, well, he actually printed a brand new one, probably to cover his embarrassment.
Had I just glanced at the bottom line and paid, the pub (or he) would've made £7 for f**k all!
WE HAVE become complacent, and probably paying by credit card has made us this way because WHEN WE'RE SPENDING MONEY THAT'S NOT OUR OWN, IT DOESN'T SEEM TO MATTER!
You will notice there was no Credit Crunch back in the days when we were paid WEEKLY and in CASH, because if you couldn't afford it, you either went without or saved up.
Everything seems to have gone wrong, and people are in heavy debt because THE CARD TAKES CARE OF IT.
We also don't take notice when we are given change. People just shove it in their pocket without even a glance. The guy or girl serving could screw every customer out of a £1 a pop throughout the day, and I bet few would notice and complain.
But I mentioned the 'booze on the bill' situation to a friend, and he agreed and told me his wife had enjoyed A GLASS of wine at a meal they'd had, but she checked the bill and they had been charged for A WHOLE BOTTLE!

"Hi" to MHB Doug Earle!