Thursday, August 16, 2007

Motorblog Toothmarks In The Toilet Seat: Although TV's commercial breaks are by no means a favourite with me, it's good to be aware of what some of them are advertising. Like the two women who need their Activia, both feeling 'bloated' and 'un-feminine' until they've ingested this supposed mild yogurt-type laxative and enjoyed the results by having 'a good turn-out' and feeling awfully girlie once again.
But this evening there was a new one, with four women talking and giggling about a 'stool softener,' (nothing to do with furniture, I hasten to add!), as it seems to be called, and out of the two adverts, if you haven't been married almost 34 years like me and know every grunt and groan your partner makes, you may be shocked to find out, lads, that yes, even the ultra-feminine other half has a bit of trouble now and again getting out one of those Richard the III's which feels like it has barbed wire wrapped around it. And of course, the ads do it in such a delightfully feminine way, don't they, but I can't help having a giggle at what the results would be like if they did a lad's advert for the same thing.
Now, I don't have to say another word, do I, because I just know there are loads of you out there smiling right now who have worked in factories or wherever, and know exactly what lads, and this mythical advert, would be like, so I'll just leave you with those thoughts to chuckle over...