Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Motorblog Dem Ole Washing Machine Blues: And so something of a curse followed the new washing machine, each time it spun, the water backed-up through the waste pipe and bubbled over the kitchen floor. This wasn't a major disaster, floorboards can be handy at times... Cut off the outlet to the drain elbow outside the kitchen, and yes, the 'bend' had become clogged with unused soap powder, (funny how it was OK with the previous 'old-faithful' washing machine?), and this was causing the water to foul on its journey - probably, the new machine shoots it out faster?
A quick ride to the local B & Q DIY warehouse for a couple of new elbows, a length of pipe and some glue, (they keep this locked away now due to adolescent glue-sniffers, [so what about mature glue-sniffers?] so you have to ask for it when you pay); arrived home, glued on the new and everything's OK.