Saturday, January 07, 2012

Download Books Are Catching On: Back in the 1980's, I approached a publisher with a Motorhead book. They sent it back saying "We won't print that, because Motorhead fans don't read!" I know different, I know most of you, and you're intelligent people; after all, if you didn't read, why would you subscribe and enjoy the fanzine 3 times a year? So, I know that you read, and the publisher talked crap, and it was his loss.
Everyone has favourite authors, and I’m not asking you to choose me over any of yours; in fact, buy their books first; buy as many of their books as you like, then, if you’ve got £1 left over, just give one of my books a try, and you'll still have some change. You see, most of my eBooks are just 77 pence (America $1-19, Euro 0.89). This isn’t a New Year special offer, it’s the standard price for most of my novels, a bargain or what.