Wednesday, December 28, 2011

John Carter: Has just been advertised for release as a movie here. 'Tarzan' author, Edgar Rice-Burroughs, also wrote series of books about Carter of Mars and Carson of Venus, which were the mainstay of my reading in the mid-1960's. And now, it seems that Carter at least has become interesting enough to be made into a film.
And the artwork for the covers of those books re-published in the 60's were obviously appealing to a 15 year old long before getting to read the stories behind them. In those staid times, just pre-the mini skirt, the pill, and the sexual revolution, it was rare seeing such captivating art of semi-naked females - almost like Boris Vallejo 30 years before his time.
And when you realise that Burroughs died the year before I was born, it can be understood just how incredible his imagination was.