Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Postal Services: around the world are making a fortune right now. But still they bleat on about "being robbed" when email came into our lives, as they "lost a lot of revenue" because we stopped using as many stamps.
But on the plus side, EBay and Amazon, by their very electronic existence, have created work and revenue because whilst the goods are purchased and paid for electronically, they are physically delivered to our door by the postal services.
I would imagine that it evens itself out.
Now, I suppose they will be moaning about "downloads robbing them of revenue" as CD's and books are delivered electronically, and the physical items no longer need to be packed and sent.
And it's like the Amazon book for one penny, (usually 'Best Sellers' which have sold thousands of copies), which still have a £2-80 postage charge, and are again physically delivered.
Many of you have asked for 'Diary Of The Fans' as a physical book. When that option was provided in 2002, it cost around £600 to get the paperback into print. If it was in print again, it would cost around £1,000 to get into production; and would cost £12 to £15 per copy to buy, + postage.
The download is there for £1-10 (96 pence + VAT), Euros 1-29, or $1-72.
So you can download it ten or eleven times for the price of one physical book; or enjoy the Diary and ten of my other titles, (or somone elses), for the same price.
"But you cannot get a download book signed!" I hear you scream.
No, that's true, but what happened to the Autograph Book?
We have one here signed by Motorhead, Screaming Lord Such, The Drifters, Mud, The Troggs, Jet Harris and loads more Stars.
It's a pretty good alternative.
The guy in one of our now defunct Poole book shops told me a story a few years ago.
"A woman came in and found a book, and brought it to the counter. I picked it up, and was about to ring it into the till, when she said: 'I'd like the book, but not that one.'
'What's wrong with it? It's the only copy we have.'
'Someone's scribbled in it,' she said, indignantly.
'Madam, that's the authors' signature.'"