Friday, December 09, 2011

Since Wednesday: when the fanzines began landing on your front door mats, I have been busy receiving in the orders for the new Motorheadbangers T-shirt, very busy indeed.
Pay Pal is the best method of payment these days, and I don't know how many will be sold via snail-mail, (Mick's side of things, and I appreciate that some still prefer cheque and cash transactions), but the Pay Pal side has been as you might say; very brisk.
Thank you.
For the last couple of T-shirt offers, many were outraged at not being able to just send their money quickly and easily using Pay Pal, so it has kept everyone happy.
Thanks to Sarmad Sheikh for his programming skills in setting up the on-line ordering, and Joe Manning again, for his excellent designs and sense of humour.
Keep the orders coming, the deadline is 31st December 2011, so plenty of time yet.