Sunday, December 04, 2011

Fanzine #92: Will be posted / mailed out tomorrow morning, and should be with UK / European MHB's by Thursday, and those in 'the rest of the world' in about a week.
Sarmad will be uploading a Link to enable the exclusive fan club T-shirts to be ordered by Pay Pal. UK cheques and cash in Euros and $Dollar bills will also be accepted, at Mick's address, of course.
But many of you asked for the ease and safety of Pay Pal, and thanks to Sarmad's programming skills, this option can be offered this time.
The back and front T-shirt designs will only be shown in fanzine #92, not on the order form on and although we know that non-members order them, it's just a way of attempting to make them as exclusive as possible to legit MHB's members.
Please remember, and read to make sure that you realise why your T-shirt WILL NOT be delivered until the end of January 2012.

Just a note in passing. Much like the other Motorhead European Tour dates, I have been informed that those remaining in Scandinavia up to the 15th December final show in Finland, are all Sold Out.
This gave one MHB and his wife the excuse of booking to go over to America for the Megadeth / Motorhead spring 2012 tour, so it can't be such a bad thing.