Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The 'Rock 'n' Roll Ink' Book: Is a collection of well over 100 gig reviews, mainly of bands playing at the local (to me) Mr. Kyps venue. Reviews were (and still are) welcomed on the http://www.mrkyps.net/ website, and I must thank Mr. Kyp himself for offering this opportunity, as it did wonders for my writing skills.
Some writers like to wait to allow the event to infuse, and brew, before being written. I prefer the urgency of the occasion to flow into the review, and wrote them within 24 hours of seeing the gig, whilst the memories were still alive, vivid, and fresh.
As most writers' do, I kept copies, and this proved good sense, as at the drop of a hat, Kyp closed down the old website and started a new one, so all of that local rock 'n' roll history disappeared overnight.
And proud of every review, I thought that it would be an idea to publish them on Amazon as a download book. But I asked Mr. Kyps' permission first, as the reviews were, in effect, (as each review earned 2 tickets to a future gig), his copyright. And great character and nice guy that he is, he was happy to allow me to do so.
Along wth the 'Bournemouth Rocks!' book, the Motorhead books and fanzines, and 'Rock 'n' Roll Ink,' my life going to see live bands is just about covered.
My thanks must also go to MHB Ned Popac, who recently originated the cover for the 'Rock 'n' Roll Ink' book.