Friday, December 02, 2011

Book Prices Adjusted: The prices of my download books have been adjusted to £2-23 UK, Euros 2-99, and $3-44.
They are odd prices, admittedly, but the reason is that VAT is charged on ebooks, so you get quirky numbers.
Amazon's guidelines for pricing are $2-99 as the lowest price, and $9-99 as the highest. I priced them at $3-00, and Amazon's 'magic' calculator converts that into the £'s and Euro's equivalent; and are at the lowest possible price, (other than the odd 1 cent).
When the books were first uploaded, Amazon automatically placed them on the German site; and if it means MHB's can download the 'Diary' easier, then that's great.
They then placed them on Amazon France, and today, they have also placed them on Amazon's Italy and Spain. So if it means fans in those countries have accounts with their native Amazon site, and can download more easily, then that's job done.
If they download any of my other books and enjoy them, then I will be most grateful.
And whilst I also love the printed book option, ebook downloads are now outselling them; and rather like download music, it seems to be the way our lives are turning - instant music, and instant books; to go hand-in-hand with our impatient instant world.
From my point of view, the printed variety costs £300 to £400 (minimum) per book as a set-up charge; so if and when the download variety starts selling, then perhaps (?) we might be able to enjoy them in that traditional format.