Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Speed-Speed-Speedfreak: As a Mick Farren fan since 'The Tale Of Willy's Rats' in 1975, the man can do no wrong, and if he wrote a book about creating a dog poo wormerie, then I would buy and read it.
Thankfully, he hasn't, but I became impatient and couldn't wait until the October UK publication to read Speedfreak, so I bought one via a UK supplier selling it on the Abe Books site.
As ever, Mick's research is excellent, and despite not being a speedfreak, I find myself enthralled with this historical document on the subject.
The book has been shaped to the cover illustration of a speed capsule, which is a novelty in itself, and what the pages divulge will remain with you forever.
An excellent read, and well worth ordering as a pay-day treat.