Friday, September 17, 2010

Dog Poo Wormerie: Worms are always in the s**t, it is their life, and only last evening during a desperate channel surf to find something worth watching, Alan Titchmarsh showed the slow-mo disintegration of the cow pat by its various living organisms.
Worms, oddly enough, were not amongst the protagonists in the cow dung, but on a recent visit to a local plant nursery, they had a plastic bin with a lid, purporting to be a dog poo wormerie.
More s*** for the worms, but they appear to revel in turning any kind of faeces into something worthwhile, and for that we must be grateful as they continue the cycle of life.
Yet on another programme, people were trying to survive under canvas and live off the land, and were frying worms and eating them.
Well, whenever we look at or pick up a worm, they look quite clean and presentable, but eating them fried after taking them from a dog poo wormerie...well, I think I'll pass.