Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bouquet Of Barbed Wire: The second part of this drama televised last evening was very good. But it's just the filthy rich shagging one another, and each other, as they always have, and always will because they can afford the divorce settlement.
But imagine a different scanario, where Peter works as a refuse collector on the wheelie bins, and Cassie grafts on the checkout in the local supermarket, and daughter Prue attends the local mundane college; just like ordinary people. And Gavin was Prue's lecturer, just the same, but Peter's bit of fluff, Sarah, also works on the bins.
And imagine those characters playing much the same roles as they do in the TV drama, but in real life, they live on a housing estate in a town near you or I.
How would they solve their multiple indescretions?
Why, they would phone up and book a spot on The Jeremy Kyle Show, of course!
But because they're posh, it makes things interesting.
If they were just ordinary folk, they would be the talk of the neighbourhood.
The women would be slappers, and the blokes would be referred to as "not being able to keep it in his pants."
Funny old life, innit!