Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Bouquet Of Barbed Wire: Last evening (and for the next 2 Mondays) on ITV1 was an updated re-make of the original, which made Susan Penhailgon famous, (where is she now?), some 30 years ago.
This time, Trevor Eve is the rakeish but well-britched husband who is suddenly confronted with a pregnant daughter, (for whom he had far higher aspirations in life), who has an asshole for her (shotgun wedding) husband; a wife who is trying to resist an affair with a randy family friend and collegaue of Eve's; and much like the original, there's a whole lotta shagging going on!
After his recent 'Waking The Dead' appearances, Trevor looks decidedly younger without the designer stubble he sported during most of those series. He is, in fact, just 2 months younger than I in reality, but as the owner of a Bentley, has a decidedly healthier bank balance.
Well worth a look, or catch up on their iplayer.