Saturday, September 11, 2010

Warranty Or Warren Tee?: What is this new way of speaking? After hearing it mispronounced for a number of years, I thought it was something to do with the Welsh, as my daughter-in-law's father says it like that.
But now there's a car advert on TV, and the voice-over bloke also calls it a Warran Tee.
Fast realising why we are placed on the planet for the three score years plus ten, in that as we age we become reluctant Victor Meldrew-like characters whether we like it or not, we also start questioning the world a great deal more.
Why is it words like that are annoying?
Why does the Go Compare advert make me hit the Mute button?
Why am I tired of products advertising panty liners that soak up women's bladder leaks, tampons, their giggly meeting discussing their hard stools, and Feminax, which softens and drives them through?
We chaps don't have any adverts.
If we can't go, we eat prunes, or bite the bullet, or the toilet seat.
If we have drips, we shake it and get rid of them.
Why do we have to endure these women's things on our TV sets?
Women need them, so why do they have to be advertised?