Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Salvager: Ever watched this on Discovery Shed? It's often on as 2 x 30 minute programmes between 6 and 7pm or 7 and 8pm. Rico Daniels, the presenter, makes furniture from salvaged wood, metal, glass etc; and it's quite fun to watch. Rico rides around the Essex countryside on an 8-cylinder trike, which looks to be a bit of a beast, wearing a leather flying helmet and goggles. He has no hair, just a massive if unkempt droop moustache, which catches in the breeze. From time to time, his helper, Donna, assists him. She's got blonde dreadlocks, and offers and extra pair of hands when necessary, or gets a fire going to burn the paint off some metalwork which Rico needs to use.
Despite the programmes having been made in 2004, they are a joy to see, and great that Rico still works, like I do, in feet and inches.
There has also been another series title 'Le Salvager,' where Rico is working from his residence in France, and is just as entertaining.
Alan Herd:
Anything on TV with master cabinet maker and carpenter, Alan Herd, is also a joy to see. He has been featured with Tommy Walsh on the 'Challenge Tommy' building and DIY programmes. Lately, he has been featured on a programme titled 'Restoration Man,' where he works with an antiques expert, named Eric Knowles; restoring old furniture, and again is a joy to watch. Alan also stars in another programme, 'Narrow Boat Afloat,' where he restored the rusty shell of an old barge to an up-and-running, top-of-the-range and habitable piece of kit. Both of these people are skilled woodworkers, but in very different ways, and if you appreciate watching craftsmen at work, they are a pleasure to watch.