Wednesday, May 26, 2010

'When The Clouds Have Passed': is now complete with a cover and a bar code and will be at the publisher's tomorrow. A 'proof copy' should be sent next week for the final look over, and then it will be on sale a few days or so later.
The cover as a whole looks knockout, if different from those in the past, and I am pleased with it.
The back cover synopsis blurb has been edited down to be more succinct, and is the better for it; less is more, as they say.
It will be published in June, and due notice will be given here of its appearance on and and other outlets.
It is being made available as a download, and much as many an MHB may turn a wry smile at this after my grumpy and logical diatribe about music downloads; just like those music downloads, I was asked to move with the times. It is the way ahead no matter how much and how hard we grumble about this tech-progress, and as my publisher says, "a sale is a sale in any format, so don't knock it." Presumably every band, musician, and singer on the planet gets told the same thing.
But you can't beat lounging in an easy chair with a good book in your hands; and much the same goes for an album or CD when you're listening to it.