Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I'm In A Rock 'n' Roll Band: Is a high-point of interest on a Saturday evening on BBC 2 here in the UK, and is on their iplayer if you're elsewhere, or have missed them.
Lemmy has been featured in most episodes so far, delighting us with his observations and wit.
The 'Guitar Heroes At The BBC' programme which follows it has also pulled some great performances out of the archives; this week, 'Overkill' as performed on Top of the Pops in April 1979.
It was not only great seeing this gold nugget again, but the 'info-bubbles' which pop up at the bottom of the frame also told us how Jimmy Miller's record production expertise was in recording the drums.
So, now I know why Philthy's drum sound on that original track sounds so sparkly, sharp, and amazing.