Thursday, June 03, 2010

'When The Clouds Have Passed': The proof copy of the new book arrived yesterday, (today as far as this Blog is concerned, as it's 8 hours adrift from UK time), it looks excellent and I am thrilled with it. The final back cover blurb ended up as :-

After losing his wife, Fred Whistler's life is unfulfilled. He spends his time helping seven widows in a quiet village, with their gardens. After one of the old ladies dies, it is discovered that Fred is her sole beneficiary and he is charged with murder. However, other murders are discovered while he is in jail.
Despite his apparent innocence, Fred Whistler is still not off the hook, as this superb story of intrigue, murder and deceit unravels.

It will be uploaded onto Amazon UK and dot com in America within the next few days, so I have been told, and Sarmad will be adding links to the main AB site to tie in.
As menioned, it will also eventually be on this Kindle download site, but at present I'm not sure when?