Sunday, May 09, 2010

Learn What's Too Heavy: After a year as a gardener, another one as a student, three in an office and thirty in warehouses as a goods inwards operative / foreman / supervisor; more than a fair share of lifting was necessary.
And they say most accidents happen at home, and had the scenario happened at work, help would have been at hand and no damage would have been done.
We changed the seven doors here for modern, light-weight, rubbish B&Q ones. The originals were old, from the 1930's when the place was built; and heavy, and panelled. But when panelling went out of fashion, those original doors were skinned over with hardboard; making them heavier still.
Younger, and a bit of a dab-hand at woodwork, I changed them, but left the old ones standing against the wall in the hallway.
A couple of weeks later we were due off on a holiday to Fuerteventura; the doors had been annoying me, and I should have known better and waited until help was available.
But no! Taurus people get a bee in their bonnet and MUST get the job done; and did.
They were heavy, damned heavy, and whilst carrying them to the old garage, (now demolished), under one arm, it hurt, like a red hot poker being pushed into the hip area.
Job done, and the pain went, but rather like a slipped disc and other back injuries suffered through the years, it returned to pay me back for my stupidity three or four weeks later, and has remained ever since.
The red hot poker feeling was the sciatic nerve being damaged, and it became difficult to walk, drive, or do anything.
So I sought accapuncture, and if some are frightened of the needles, it hurt that bad I didn't care if she stuck spears in me; needles were nothing, and the relief after seven or eight sessions was incredible.
Lately, it has been bothersome again, painful, and making me walk as if drunk, which doesn't happen any more as some of you are aware via this organ.
After one session with NHS physiotherapy where a 'ham-string-stretch' almost crippled me, I left it for a while, to heal; but it still hurt.
So, again, last week, I sought relief at the same Chinese emporium in town, with the same lady-Doctor of accapuncture sticking in the needles and providing the massage; which is focussed on the spine at waist height; who did so four or five year's ago.
After just one session, walking is now almost back to normal - yippee!
But the lady-Doctor was clever, and I was happy to agree. Accapuncture and Chinese medicine has an almost immediate effect for the better, so rather then trust patient's to return, which they often don't, she asked for another five sessions, along with the one just enjoyed, to be paid for in advance. It was not cheap, but anything good never is, and the way I feel now, I may not have booked another had I not been forceput.
So, there are five to go, bought and paid for. Afterwards, fortnightly sessions will be in order, and then once a month.
All avenues of relief with the NHS have been exhausted, and the doctor recommended seeking alternative medicine as nothing more could be done as far as traditional cures are concerned.
It's working, and other than advising you get help lifting anything too large or too heavy; accapuncture is the way to go.
And the 'needles' are not like mum darned your socks with, they are fine and almost hair-like in diameter, and can barely be felt when they are 'flicked' in.
If you need it, try it, an amazing experience, and the results very worthwhile and beneficial.