Friday, April 23, 2010

I Know It's Only Fiction: And I enjoy the X-Files, but this week we have had the silliest yet. The Bravo channel are repeating the John Dogget episodes, which is a blessing as I hadn't watched many of them.
Dogget came into the story when Mulder was abducted. Later, the alien spaceship dumped him back on Earth barely alive.
And then he died, or so they believed, and they buried him, and then a fishing boat found the guy who had been abducted before Mulder, floating 50 miles out to sea.
He was still alive, and thinking he might be in a similar deep coma from the abduction, they exhumed Mulder and put him on life support, bearing in mind he had been interred for 3 months by this time, but there were flickers of life within.
The wayward friend / enemy that is the Krychek character came back into the story, he had a vaccine which would / could save Mulder, and of course, he eventually recovers and the story goes on.

The thing is, though, when a body is made ready for the coffin, be it for interment or cremation, the lungs and stomach are filled with a formaledhyde solution to keep the body 'fresh' until it is buried or burned. Obviously they missed doing this with Mulder, as he definitely wouldn't have still had his heart ticking when he was exhumed if this had taken place.
Like I said, I know it's only fiction...