Thursday, April 01, 2010

Fanzines Are Go!: It seems as if most UK and European MHB's have received their Full Colour Anniversary Fanzine, Anniversary sticker and List of Motorhead Live Dates (so far) for 2010.
Upon saying this, any and all MHB's living in what is regarded in postal terms as The Rest of The World will have their 'surprise' spoiled, but at least they can look forward to it.
It was fun but quite expensive to have the fanzine in full colour, and it cannot be a regular thing. But, it might be a great idea in future to include a colour centrefold as well as the colour cover.
Time will tell.
Several MHB's have asked if there are any spare stickers, the answer is No. There was a sticker printed for every fanzine, and those remaining will be for the fans who join between now and the August issue.
Have a great break over Easter, all we need is some warm weather, but 4 days off will be a treat regardless.